Policy Bureaux

Civil Service Bureau
Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
Development Bureau
Environment Bureau
Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
Food and Health Bureau
Home Affairs Bureau
Innovation and Technology Bureau
Labour and Welfare Bureau
The Office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Beijing


Census and Statistics Department
Companies Registry
Department of Health
Home Affairs Department
Immigration Department
Independent Commission Against Corruption
Inland Revenue Department
Labour Department
Registration and Electoral Office

Other Organisations

Caring Company
Competition Commission
Council for Sustainable Development
Employees Retraining Board
Equal Opportunities Commission
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Innovation and Technology Commission
Investor and Financial Education Council
Joint University Programmes Admission System (JUPAS)
Labour Tribunal
Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
Minimum Wage Commission
Occupational Deafness Compensation Board
Occupational Safety and Health Council
Office of Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
Pneumoconiosis Compensation Fund Board
Vocational Training Council

Business Associations

Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
Hong Kong Management Association
The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong
The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
The Hong Kong Retail Management Association

Hong Kong Employment – Related Legislation & Resources

Competition Ordinance
Disability Discrimination Ordinance
Employees’ Compensation Ordinance
Employment Ordinance
Factories & Industrial Undertakings Ordinance
Family Status Discrimination Ordinance
Labour Relations Ordinance
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance
Minimum Wage Ordinance
Occupational Deafness (Compensation) Ordinance
Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance
Occupational Safety and Health (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation
Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance
Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Pneumoconiosis and Mesothelioma (Compensation) Ordinance
Protection of Wages on Insolvency Ordinance
Race Discrimination Ordinance
Sex Discrimination Ordinance

Code of Practices / Guidance notes
A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance
Application in Relation to an ORSO Scheme
Code of Practice against Discrimination in Employment on the Ground of Sexual Orientation
Code of Practice in times of Typhoons and Rainstorms
Code of Practice on Employment under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance
Code of Practice on Employment under the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance
Code of Practice on Employment under the Race Discrimination Ordinance
Code of Practice on Employment under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance
Code of Practice on Human Resource Management by Office of Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
Disability Discrimination Ordinance Code of Practice on Employment

Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals
Anti-Sexual Harassment Resource Platform
Employment in Macao
Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
Sample Employment Contract
Work Arrangements in Times of Typhoons and Rainstorm or “Extreme conditions” after Super Typhoons
Resources on Personal Data Privacy