Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Welcome to the website of Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong. I hope you find it informative and inspirational

Established in 1947, the Federation is committed to represent employers’ interests on employment and related issues for enabling an amicable business environment for the continuous growth of their businesses and sustainable development of Hong Kong as a whole. We maintain active dialogues with major social stakeholders including government, public bodies, unions and working partners, and connect with our members through regular communication and activities.

The Federation broadens its focus by working with Hong Kong employers in adopting good employment practices and embracing future trends and challenges, which includes but not limited to digital transformation, employee diversity and workplace wellness. With the concerted efforts of all members, the Federation is able to achieve encouraging results over the past years.

Hong Kong employers have successfully weathered various storms and grasped every opportunity to emerge stronger throughout the years. Looking ahead, we will continue to flourish and rise to the challenges ahead together with our members and the community. With your continuing support and active participation, we shall be able to achieve greater success and scale new heights, and earnestly contribute to the prosperity of Hong Kong.

Wilson Kwong
Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong