Policy Advocate

The Federation has been the voice and leading advocate for employers on employment and related matters. It proactively influences employment related policies and legislation in Hong Kong, and seeks to keep a balanced view through the close relationships and active dialogue with key stakeholders including the Government, the Unions, political parties and many other relevant public bodies. Throughout the years the Federation has been working on the following key policy areas:

-      Economic and Business Outlook
-      Business Continuity and Employment Support
-      Manpower Supply and Development
-      Employee Relations & Protection
-      Employee Benefits and Compensation
-      Workplace Wellness
-      Retirement Protection

Accordingly, we have addressed the following issues in recent years:

-      Mandatory Provident Fund
-      Statutory Minimum Wages
-      Standard Working Hours
-      Paternity Leave, Maternity Leave and Statutory Holidays
-      Corporate Rescue
-      Labour Importation
-      Occupational Safety and Health
-      Anti-Discrimination
-      Pay Review and Civil Service Pay
-      Education and Review of School Curriculum
-      Health Care Financing and Delivery

The Federation also helps members identify future business challenges e.g. impact of digitalisation, workplace wellness and employee diversity for the future of work.